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- Avoiding causing foreseeable harm to retail customers
- Supporting retail customers to pursue their financial objectives, ensuring they are equipped to make informed decisions and do not face unreasonable barriers.
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7. Financial Position

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8. Fitness & Propriety for Disclosure

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9. Professional Indemnity Insurance

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This declaration must be completed by the member applicant, as appropriate:

In the case of a sole trader – By the Sole Trader.
In the case of a company – By a Director.
In the case of a partnership – By a Partner.

I confirm that the information in this application is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief and that I have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that this is the case.

I give inet3 Ltd permission to contact the other Principals for whom I am an Appointed Representative.

I confirm that inet3 Ltd have permission to carry out credit checks - either on the individual if the applicant is a sole trader, on each partner in the case of a partnership or on the company in the case of a limited company. The credit check will be carried out in order to assess your application and on a repeat basis, usually annually.


Version 3 – April 2019