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Protecting homes with Flood RE in higher flood risk areas

Magenta Flood

Flood damage to property causes catastrophic damage and often means clients can no longer obtain cover unless they are able to obtain it from Flood RE. We are here to look at all Flood risks and can offer help even when Flood RE is not available.

Flood RE

Help for those who can't get cover

To help those who can’t access flood cover on their property, Flood RE is a scheme backed by the Government and deals with flood insurance differently. Insurers pay a levy to help fund Flood RE. In the event of a flood claim, the insurer will pay the claim, and Flood RE will reimburse the insurer.

The scheme will be in place for 25 years, to allow for the Government, local authorities, insurers and communities to become better prepared for flooding with more resilient measures.

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Qualifying Criteria for Flood RE

Residential Homes:

  • They are covered by an insurance contract which is held in the name of, or on trust for, one or more individuals or by the personal representative of an individual.
  • The holder of the policy, or their immediate family, must live in the property for some or all of the time (whether or not with others) or the property must be unoccupied.
  • They have a domestic Council Tax band A to H (or equivalent).
  • They are used for private, residential purposes.
  • They are a single residential unit or a building comprising of two or three residential units.
  • They are insured on an individual basis or have an individual premium.
  • They are located within the UK comprising England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (excluding the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands).

    All quotations and individual terms subject to underwriting review.